After obtaining a high-school diploma in languages and having had the opportunity to travel the world, Maru Mariani takes a look around her and realizes that fashion and in particular, historical costumes not only represent the best way to portray all she has seen to date, but also all that the human psyche can conceal within the folds of apparently simple cloth.
Maru obtains a degree in July 2006 at the Rome Academy of Costumes and Fashion. Her thesis comprises a research project on the theme of uniforms and the symbolic language inherent to them, beginning with military uniforms and covering an analysis of both counter- and sub-cultures. During her career as a stylist and costume designer, Maru develops her own limpid and rigorous style, deeply inspired by the androgynous look of the clothes designed by Giorgio Armani and Cocò Chanel and by the complex yet simple structures of Issey Miyake. She never abandons, however, her own particularly feminine and elegant touch.
Before branching out into the exciting world of fashion – which began with wedding gowns and developed into her own private collections – Maru collaborated with the theatre company “Alma”, giving impetus to her great passion – constantly alive – for the adrenalin produced by the stage and the stage curtain. She won the Jury’s Award for her work as best costume designer and best scenic designer during the theatre review “Tutti in scena! 2007” at the Teatro della Cometa in Rome.


– Theatre costume designer and free-lance stylist for collections and privately commissioned  fashion design  for men and women, prêt-à-porter, haute couture, weddings and ceremonies  (from 2006 to present);
– Costume designer for the movie “Se fossi in te” (by G.Aureli) within the international contest “48hours film project 2014″, November 2014, Rome;
– Theatre costume designer for  the companyLuckymera’ for “L’avaro” (Molière), directed by A.Sansovini, Teatro Testori,  October 2013, Forlì;
-Assistant costume designer for  “Tourlourou”  by Caterina&Carlotta Sagna, Teatro Il Piccolo, March  2013, Forlì;
-Assistant costume designer for the production of  “Il piccolo principe”, F.Gifuni, S.Bergamasco, Teatro Diego Fabbri, March 2013, Forlì;
-Assistant costume designer for Jovanotti-Lorenzo Cherubini, on tour with  ”Ora”, Palafiera, November 26-27,  2011, Forlì;
-Assistant costume designer for the  theatre company ‘Leo Gullotta’ – Teatro Eliseo for the production of  “Le allegre comari di Windsor”(W.Shakespeare), directed by Fabio Grossi , from the Teatro Rossini, Lugo (RA), January 2011;
– Costume designer for the theatre company‘Luckymera’ in the production of  “La Locandiera” (C.Goldoni), directed by D.Benini and  A.Sansovini  at the  D.Fabbri Theatre (Forlì),  on stage and in a regional tour from  17 October 2010 to July  2012;
– Co-owner of the firm MADCUT DESIGN SRL,  independent brand of the fashion and theatre costume sector, with the position of CEO, and jointly responsible for the office for style and area management  (2009);
– Participated in the nation-wide artistic review  “MArteLive!2009”  in the section “Moda e Riciclo”, Second prize , Rome, June 2009;
– Costume-designer for the theatre production of  “La cantatrice calva” (E.Ionesco), directed by  GianniLeonetti, sponsored by the Regione Lazio,  the French Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Romania, on stage at the Teatro Belli from 2 to 8 February  2009, Rome;
– Costume-designer for the theatre company Pontefolle, for the stage production of  Drei Liter!, directed by Francesco Picciotti,  financed by the winning tender on the part of  the Agenzia per il Diritto agli Studi Universitari del Lazio – Roma Tre (A.D.I.S.U.), for a project presented by the RomaTreLab, which ran from December 1 to 6,  2008, at the Aula Columbus, Rome;
– Costume-designer and scene designer for the  theatre company  “Alma”  for the stage production of  “Un viaggio per dove..”,  directed by  Luca Giacomozzi, within the ambit of the theatrical review  “Tutti in scena 2007” ,  June 18 to 19, 2007, Teatro della Cometa, Rome;
–  Member of jury for the section on  Costumes, at  “Targa Cecina 2006” , an artistic presentation of floats with allegoric and carnival themes, Cecina (LI), 2006;
-Participation in the show  “Food&Fashion”,  produced in collaboration between the Accademia di Costume e Moda di Roma, and Gambero Rosso e ADI Centro at the “Città del Gusto”, Rome  2006;
-Took part in the competition  “la Dolce Vita a Roma”, produced  in collaboration between the Accademia di Costume e Moda di Roma and the Municipality of  Rome, and held in via Veneto, First prize, Rome  2002;


– “Premio Giuria” as best scene designer and best costumes, for the stage production of  “Un viaggio per dove..”, directed by  Luca Giacomozzi,  in the ambit of the theatre review “Tutti in scena 2007!”, Teatro della Cometa, Rome, 2007;

– First prize in the ambit of the competition  “la Dolce Vita a Roma”,  produced in collaboration between the Accademia di Costume e Moda di Roma and the Municipality of  Rome, held in via Veneto, Rome, 2002.


This space arises from the desire

to share all that the pencil, the inspiration and the professionalism of talented people can render alive through passionate vision, scissors and cloth;

to communicate that which in my mind signifies femininity, fantasy, and art made to measure;

to satisfy desires, propose solutions and find alternatives for those who still don’t know what they want to wear each  morning, for indecisive brides and for determined directors.

– Private collections
– Committed works women/man (prèt-à-porter/ haute couture)
– Bridal
– Theatrical costume
– Personal shopper, image consultant